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E.V. Everest

TBR Card Deck: Choose Your Next Read with Ease (Printable)

TBR Card Deck: Choose Your Next Read with Ease (Printable)

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Introducing Your Ultimate Reading Companion: TBR Cards!

Are you drowning in a sea of unread books? Is your To Be Read pile growing taller by the day, leaving you overwhelmed and unsure where to dive in next? Say goodbye to reader's block and discover your next literary adventure with 20 printable TBR Cards!

📚 What are TBR Cards?

TBR Cards are your passport to a world of captivating stories. Designed with love for bookworms like you, these beautifully crafted cards are here to make your reading choices easier and more delightful. Each card is a gateway to a new literary journey, complete with a hand-painted, watercolor bookish image on one side and an intriguing reading prompt on the other.

🌟 Why TBR Cards?

  1. Break the Decision Paralysis: With 20 unique prompts at your fingertips, you'll never struggle to choose your next read again. TBR Cards transform the daunting task of picking a book into an exciting game.
  2. Rediscover the Joy of Reading: By nudging you to explore diverse genres and themes, these prompts rekindle your passion for reading. Say hello to unexpected adventures and unforgettable characters!
  3. Connect with Fellow Readers: Use TBR Cards to engage with your book-loving friends. Share your card choices, compare experiences, and discuss your reading journeys.
  4. Achieve Your Reading Goals: Whether you're aiming to read more classics, explore non-fiction, or tackle that ever-elusive TBR pile, TBR Cards keep you on track.

🎉 How to Use TBR Cards:

  1. Print and cut your TBR Cards – they're designed for effortless printing.
  2. Shuffle the deck or pick a card at random.
  3. Let fate guide your reading choices as you embark on a literary adventure tailored just for you.

    📖 Sample Reading Prompts:

    • "A book recommended by a friend"
    • "A book with HUGE hype"
    • "A book with a one-word title"
    • "A book with magical creatures"
    • "A book published in the year you were born"

    📦 What's Included:

    • 20 beautifully designed printable TBR Cards
    • Endless reading possibilities

    Don't let your TBR pile intimidate you any longer! Embrace the excitement of your next reading journey with TBR Cards. Order yours today and watch your reading world expand one card at a time.

    📚🌟 Unveil the magic of TBR Cards and rediscover your love for reading! 🌟📚

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