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E.V. Everest

The Botanist's Game (Shadows & Starlight Audiobook 2)

The Botanist's Game (Shadows & Starlight Audiobook 2)

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Digitally Narrated by Madison from Google

Haunting visions. A legacy waiting to be claimed. Just another year at the Royal Academy.

Anabella Halt won the challenge and healed Adam Rockwell for the whole planet to see. She proved that she is no imposter. In one year, she will be ready to seize her family's long vacant council seat. There's only one problem… Ana faked the entire thing. She can't heal a papercut.

Now, Adam's dangerous father and the most powerful military man on the planet, suspects her secret. He's willing to overlook it for a small favor-- a marriage to his son and a strategic alliance. Ana wants to say no, until he offers to free her friend Samuel from prison. It's an offer she can't refuse.

But Ana has bigger plans. She will discover who hired her betrayer and hunt them down. Only then will she be truly free.


Audiobook Length: 8 hr, 11 min


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